The Best Ways To Calm An Excitable Puppy

excitable puppy

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If you’ve gotten a new puppy, you’re probably realizing exactly how much work is involved in keeping them busy and teaching them life skills!

Puppy training is hard because dogs are like little kids: curious and unaware of potential dangers. To keep yourself sane and your puppy safe, you’ll need to use some creative solutions.

Read on for my top new puppy tips!

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Try to Avoid Sudden Large Changes to Their Environment

It can be overwhelming to be a puppy, with all the new and unpredictable things that arise when settling in to a new home with a new family. You might want to avoid throwing large parties if you notice that your puppy is struggling with anxiety caused by loud noise or when meeting new people.

Create a Routine From Day One For Your Dog

From day one, it’s important to create a routine for your pup to get used to. Have a set time when you feed them, walk them, and when you leave them alone to sleep.

If your dog is too excitable and likely to chew up your new sofa, cushions, or scratch your doors, you might want to invest in an indoor kennel and work on creating positive experiences with crate training.

They will still feel like they are a part of the family when in their crate, and you can avoid expensive damage. Plus, it gives them a safe area they can feel content and safe in!

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Plenty Of Exercise

A tired dog is a happy dog, and exercise has the added benefit of creating positive behavior trends. You don’t have to run miles with them, though. In fact, you want to take it nice and easy with puppies as their bones, muscles, and ligaments, are all still forming and they can injure themselves with too much physical activity.

If you live where weather can range from extremely hot to absolutely freezing, you can even set up an indoor exercise machine for dogs!

Or go on a bike ride taking your dog with you. If you have one of the breeds that is used to loads of exercise, such as a Siberian Husky, the only way you can calm them down is with plenty of physical activity.

Another important task is keeping up their cognitive activity. Puzzles are a great way to keep them entertained while working their brain, which tires them out mentally and physically. Here’s a list of our favorite dog puzzles!

Give Natural Remedies A Chance For Anxious Dogs

If everything else fails, you might want to try natural remedies that will calm the nerves of your puppy. Some dogs suffer from shakes and rattle their teeth while sleeping, which is a clear sign of distress and nervousness.

There are essential oils and vitamins recommended by vets, and you might even experiment with dog CBD oil that will help your dog relax without having a long term impact on their brain function or behavior. Rico was picked up off the streets of Puerto Rico, and suffered from reactivity and anxiety. CBD oil has been awesomely beneficial in easing his stress!

Socialize Your Puppy With Training Courses

There are plenty of puppy training resources on the internet, but turning to group puppy training sessions are a great way to engage with your puppy in a new environment.

It allows them to learn positive behaviors, meet new fur friends and people, and keeps them well-socialized. It also teaches how to understand the behavior of your puppy better.

Having a puppy is tough, yet extremely rewarding. The above tips will help you bond with your new puppy and make the most out of their formative years.

Have you introduced a new puppy to your family? Share how it’s going below!

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