The Calming Dog Bed Your Dog Will Adore!

Calming Dog Bed

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If you’ve seen some of our other anxiety-related posts, you know that the struggle is real with an anxious rescue dog! Rico has always been our nervous little chicken nugget, from the very first day he was found on the side of the road as a puppy. 

Rico has never been one to settle on a bed, unless it’s our king-size cozy bed where he’ll curl up behind my knees. 

When DogPetSmart reached out to me with an offer to send me their Calming Dog Bed to review, I was a little skeptical it would be something Rico would actually lay on, but I was excited to try it!

Especially since we just moved from Alaska to Colorado, and that involved flying the dogs in cargo, so both Roxy and Rico were even more stressed than usual. They had flown from Puerto Rico to Alaska with us in 2016, but this time even involved their first hotel stay ever! 

It was a lot for them to deal with, but they totally rocked it! Once we moved into our new home, they were excited to check out the nice yard, cozy fireplace, and the rest of the house.

Our household goods hadn’t arrived yet, but DogPetSmart shipped the bed super quick and it arrived before our stuff did! It was a nice change for them from laying on air mattresses.

Do Dogs Like Calming Dog Beds?

I gotta say, I’m surprised by how much Rico loves this bed! He curls up on it in front of the Christmas tree (hey, it’s 2020! No judging!) and happy chews on a bully stick in front of the fire.

The Calming Dog Bed is nice and lightweight, which makes it perfect to pack on any future trips we take the babies on. 

Roxy was super excited to grab the new bed and play with it, but now that the newness has worn off, she really likes to lay on it as well.

The donut shape is nice and cozy, and the vegan fur-fabric is so soft it makes ME want to curl up on it! Even better, it’s machine-washable, so I can clean it pretty easily and get rid of that dog stink when Roxy comes in from the yard after rolling around on whatever grossness she manages to find.

The Calming Dog Bed offers sizes from XS to XL, which works for tiny dogs to ones up to 150lb! Since Roxy and Rico are both around the 50lb mark, but Roxy loves to sprawl out, we went with the Large bed and it’s perfect for them. 

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