Is Fresh Food The Way To Go for Your Dog?

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Just as with humans, what you put inside your dog shows on the outside. If you’re eating healthy food, you’ll have stronger nails, shinier, thicker hair and an overall boost of energy and lease of life. Not surprisingly, it’s the same for our pets!

As good dog parents, you want to have them feeling their very best and to be the healthiest they can be.

They can’t tell you in words how they’re feeling, if their joints are a little sore, or if they just aren’t feeling their best. It’s your job to watch out for them and make sure you’re giving them the best.

Everyone knows that for humans, eating healthier and fresher foods has enormous benefits and makes you feel great and ultimately increases your happiness. Is this the same for our pets?

Fresh Food Can Help Improve Digestion

Again, your pet can’t tell you if they have a tummy ache, you can tell from when they go to the toilet and if they’re not quite themselves. Giving them fresh pet food can improve your dog’s digestive system and help to prevent stomach upsets.

Many pet owners have reported seeing a massive difference in their dog’s digestive habits after starting them on a new diet.

It’s best to switch them over slowly, over the course of a few weeks to avoid upset tummies.

Give Them Relief From Nagging Health Issues

Have you ever changed your diet and noticed that all those little annoying health issues disappear?

You can breathe better, you stop snoring, your immune system seems to function better, and little allergies are alleviated. Well once again, it’s the same for your dog.

If your pet is itching and scratching, they could potentially have allergies so you should speak to your vet. However, introducing them to a diet of fresh food can help with this too.

Boost Your Dog’s Hair and Skin

Soft skin, shiny hair and an overall glow show that you are in good health and this is just the same for your pet. Looking at your dog’s skin and coat will often tell you about his or her health and what goes on the inside will show on the outside for them too.

Many dog parents have said that eating fresh food has changed their dog’s skin and coat for the better. In addition, the food has helped to prevent dry skin and shedding too. Fish oil is another great addition to help improve your dog’s skin and coat. See all the benefits here!

Lose The Extra Weight Bulge

It’s essential to keep your dog’s weight in a healthy range to ensure that they are healthy and happy. Fresh food can keep them on track and help them to build lean muscle too.

Plus, excess weight adds stress to their joints. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will help them move around easier and live a longer, more active life.

Give Your Dog A New Lease Of Life

Your dog may not need it, and sometimes it’s hard to want an even bouncier, energetic pet. However, you do want the best for your pup and feeding them fresh pet food can do this. It will boost your pet’s energy and can even help them feel like a puppy again!
You’ll be able to take them on more walks, and go on adventures to help spend all the energy they have, so they can be happy, healthy dogs again!

Do you feed your dog fresh food? How do they like it?  

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