Ginger smiling

Ginger’s Story

Ginger has been Dan’s baby girl since she was 3 days old and rejected by her mom. I came into the picture when I started dating Dan when she was 7.5 years old. She was NOT happy I was around, and made sure I knew it, but she quickly grew to love me as much as I instantly loved her.

Ginge has been the easiest dog ever. She’s always been super chill, gets along with everyone, and is content to sleep and eat all day long. Can’t blame her! She’s always been amazingly healthy, with very few illnesses over her life.

She developed a lump on her front leg in May 2016, just weeks before moving from Puerto Rico to Alaska. Our vet did x-rays and said it was a lipoma, so we all decided it was best to leave it since flying 5k miles over 2 days so soon after surgery might be risky.

The lipoma stayed relatively small for months, until it grew drastically and became softball-sized over the course of a week. Biopsies came back clean, but it was affecting her movement, so we had the mass surgically removed and sent to a lab for evaluation in August 2016.

The results came back as soft tissue sarcoma, and we were told she has 3 months to live and to spoil her then let her go. Radiation appears to be effective on this type of cancer, however, NO ONE in the entire state of Alaska offers this treatment. Flying to another state for treatment would’ve been too hard on her, so I treated her with multiple oils, herbs, and supplements and definitely saw improvement in her everyday health.

Due to the location of the tumor on her front leg they were unable to remove it all during surgery, and within 10 days, it started regrowing uncontrollably.

We brought her in to have the tumor removed again on November 4, 2016 as a last-ditch effort before letting her go, as she was otherwise extremely healthy and obviously was not ready to leave us yet. While she was there, our vet determined the tumor was completely wrapped around the tendon with no way to separate it.

Based on Ginger’s excellent mobility, she strongly recommended amputation. So, we bought home a Tripawd later that day. It was one of the most terrifying decisions ever, but I am so glad we did it. She bounced back amazingly fast and was back to her normal self quickly! If you’re facing a similar situation, I HIGHLY recommend for the best support!

We got an amazing 7 additional months with Ginger, and she got to enjoy warm summer days again before she was ready to go at 15 years old. We miss our girl every day <3