Great Ideas for Vacationing With Your Dog

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Vacations are a vital part of happiness for many people, including us! The most difficult part of going on vacation is having to board your dogs while away, which is inevitable sometimes. Here are things you should do before boarding your dog.

However, lots of places are recognizing the benefits of allowing dogs, so how about bringing your pup on vacation with you?

There are a range of luxurious hotels complete with five-star pet suites and plenty of outdoor space to explore. While a flight to the Caribbean may not be ideal for a doggy vacation, there are plenty of other vacation options that will allow your dog to come along and enjoy the fun!

Head Out and Go Camping!

What better way to get in touch with nature by bringing your dog along for a camping trip? The national parks dotted across the United States make for a wonderful excursions for you both to explore!

If you don’t have the most suitable vehicle for such a road trip, you could even an RV for your journey. Spend your days traversing the trails down in Yosemite and exploring the Horsetail Waterfall, or park your RV by a lake and go for an afternoon dip to cool off. Your pup will adore every chance to get wet and dirty in the rivers and rapids!

Keep Your Dog’s Water Safety In Mind

Just ensure that you keep your dog’s safety in mind. No matter how good a swimmer they are, you need to ensure they stay safe in the water. Even the best swimmers can get overexerted and struggle with swimming at times, and a life vest can keep them safe.

Our favorite part of using an RV is it takes away the extra work of finding pet-friendly hotels along your route. That gives you some extra freedom when planning your trip, as you can head to more remote areas!

Alternatively, you could rough it for a night or two and sleep beneath the stars in a pitched tent. Either way, your pup will adore being outside and getting to explore!

Hit the Hotels For Optimal Comfort

Quite a few hotels are becoming more welcoming to pets, which makes traveling so much easier! Sites like will allow you to take a look at the top dog-friendly hotels across the country. Fancy pups can enjoy five-star luxury and in-house spa while your pup can also relax in his own space within your suite.

Make A Bucket List Of Novelty Places To Visit

For some real fun, why not go over the top and celebrate your dog? The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B in Cottonwood, Idaho is totally on our bucket list. They cater to your dog’s every need. Even the building itself is shaped like a dog!

For those bougie dogs, the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Colorado is just the way to get totally spoiled! With a full range of dog-friendly dining options and offers such as guided hikes for you and your pup, it’s got your every need covered. They even offer in-room pet massages for optimal relaxation!

Heading on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your dog behind. Use these ideas to inspire your next pet-friendly holiday!

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