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Hi everyone! I’m Natasha, and it’s SO nice to be a part of the Pet Bloggers 2018 Challenge! Thanks so much to Go Pet Friendly for hosting this awesome opportunity for bloggers to get to know each other! I live in Alaska with my husband Dan and my two Puerto Rican Sato street rescues Roxy and Rico. You can learn all about their story here.

1) For those who may be visiting your blog for the first time, how long have you been blogging and what is your main topic?

I’ve been blogging for only a few weeks now, and I’m looking forward to making pet blogging a regular thing in 2018! My day job is as a social media specialist for small businesses. My blog’s focus is on giving dogs the best start to life and keeping them happy and healthy, as naturally as possible. I’ll also be sharing lifestyle tips and stories for dog parents.

2) What was your proudest blogging moment of 2017?

My proudest moment was when my New Year’s Eve post “How To Keep Your Dog Calm on New Year’s Eve” got over 50 shares! I know, it’s a small victory, but I’ll take it! I was pretty excited that people were reading to figure out ways to make a stressful night as calm as possible for their fur babies.

3) Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why?

My personal favorite is “Lost Dog? 4 Things You Need to Do“, because I’ve seen so many lost dog situations and would love to help prevent that from happening, and help reunite those that do escape.

4) In terms of your blog, how do you measure success?

I measure success based on how many people my posts reach, since that means more dogs helped! I’d love to grow my following on Pinterest as that’s my favorite platform.

5) In what ways has your blog changed during 2017?

Well, in early 2017 this blog was barely a concept. I was so focused on keeping my 15-year-old Tripawd Ginger as happy and healthy as possible after her amputation in November 2016 when I realized many others could benefit from the research I’d been doing on inflammation, senior care, and cancer support. As I grow, I can’t wait to see where things progress!

6) What was the biggest blogging challenge you overcame in 2017, and what did you learn that could help other bloggers?

The biggest blogging challenge of 2017 was getting started! I’m decently skilled technologically, but man, learning WordPress was no joke! I’m thrilled to have my site finally complete and all prettied up! The best thing I did was to keep trying, watching videos, and saving all my work as I made changes.

7) When things get hard, what keeps you blogging? (Question submitted by Pamela Douglas Webster of Something Wagging This Way Comes)

When I’m struggling, I take breaks out to do yoga, play with my crazy pups Roxy and Rico, or go stare at my amazing backyard view with a cup of coffee. If that fails, a dip in the hot tub in -10 degree weather will always relax then re-energize! Roxy would reaaally like a chance to join in for once! We also take time out on snowy days to bundle up and play in the yard. Rico is IN LOVE with snow. Who woulda thought, a Puerto Rican pup preferring snow over tropical warmth! Roxy definitely tells me when it’s time to STOP blogging by hopping on my lap and shutting my laptop so I can snuggle instead!

8) Looking forward to 2018, what are you hoping to accomplish on your blog this year?

I want to write at least once a week, and have 10k followers across all my social media platforms. I’d love to have you follow me!

9) In addition to what you’d like to accomplish, is there one specific skill you’d like to improve or master this year? (Question submitted by Jodi Chick of Kol’s Notes)

I definitely want to learn more about how to improve my Google listing to rank higher! That’ll help me reach more people and expand. I also want to improve my writing skills, since I’ve been used to writing in 140 character limits over the past few years!

10) Now it’s your turn! You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there a question you’d like answered, or an aspect of your blog that you’d like input on? Share it here, and we’ll answer you in the comments!

Tell me, what health/lifestyle topic would YOU love to see covered? Share in the comments below!

Follow the rest of the blog hop below, and feel free to jump in and join!

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  1. Congratulations on getting your blog started! I’m a big hot tub person too, but we don’t get 10 below temperatures where I live in Southern California. In fact, I think we might have hit 80 degrees today. As far as health/lifestyle topics I have two senior dogs who are having some different health issues then I encountered in the past. Posts about senior dogs interest me much more then they did in past years. All the best to you in 2018!

    1. omshantipups says:

      I’m a Florida girl originally, so I do love the warm temps you’re getting! As for the topics, I have some great tips for senior dogs coming up in the next few weeks!

  2. The Daily Pip says:

    Congrats on starting your blog and for getting so many shares on your New Year’s post! I will definitely sign up to follow you on social media!

    In terms of posts I would like to see, I would love to learn more about living in Alaska (since I have never been to Alaska) with pups as well as learning more about your journey rescuing and living with street dogs from Puerto Rico – from the streets of PR to Alaska sounds like a pretty amazing journey and I’m definitely intrigued.

    1. omshantipups says:

      Thanks so much!!

  3. I would also like to read posts about your dogs and their lives in Alaska. I live and travel full-time on a sailboat so, as you might imagine, I love reading about different places.

    1. omshantipups says:

      Ooh I definitely love the idea of life on a sail boat! We talked about doing that years ago when we only had our senior girl Ginger, as she would’ve adapted perfectly to that lifestyle. Our 4 year old babies wouldn’t exactly approve of the lack of a yard! 😉

  4. Jana Rade says:

    I am always a sucker for real-life stories. As well as I believe people get the most education from them because it helps them to relate to the subject.

    1. omshantipups says:

      Great advice, thanks so much!

  5. Jodi Stone says:

    Welcome to the pet blogger community!!

    I have senior dogs too, and we’ve hit on a variety of health issues this year, so any insights or experiences you have I’d love to hear about.

    Also, more about living in Alaska, it’s on my bucket list of places to see.

  6. Wow! That’s so awesome! Maybe you could help me with my social media skills.
    Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to reading Om Shanti Pups. Thanks for sharing. I also forwarded all your SM accounts.

  7. Amy@GoPetFriendly says:

    Congratulations on starting your blog, and thanks for joining the Challenge, Natasha! How funny that your Puerto Rican dogs love Alaska.

    There are two things I’d love to see you blog about – I’m doing my best to support two senior dogs as naturally as possible, but distilling all the information out there is overwhelming. Even deciding which fish oil to give them and how much they should have was difficult! The other thing I’d love to see are posts about things you do with your dogs in Alaska … I am a travel nut, after all. 😉

    All the best to you in 2018!

  8. The Green Dogs says:

    Wow, for a new blog you’re doing a spectacular job! 😀 Best of luck for the future!

    1. omshantipups says:

      Thank you so much!

  9. Irene McHugh says:

    Congratulations on launching your blog! I’d love to read more about dog-life in Alaska. Like do you hike off-leash with grizzly bears around? When the days are super short, do you walk or exercise your dog in the dark? Has your dog seen the Northern Lights? Any dogs answering the call of the wild? Alaska is just such a mystery to me. My SO grew up in Alaska so I hear his stories, but mostly I see the Yukon as described by Jack London.

  10. omshantipups says:

    I love all those questions! I’ll definitely be adding more to my posts about life all the way up here. We don’t walk Roxy & Rico off leash, since they never quite learned to stay close to us, and I’d rather not take a chance of crossing a bear or moose with them. Eek! The days right now are only about 6 hours, but we’ve all adapted pretty well so far. R&R do tend to start whining for dinner a lot earlier than they do in the summer, but so does my husband! lol It’s hard to wait for dinner when it’s pitch black out at 4pm!

    We have about 1/2 acre fenced backyard for them, so we tend to stay indoors and let them out to play, or we’ll bundle up and have play time outside. I actually posted a video on Instagram (@OmShantiPups) of our favorite cold weather activity, the laser pointer! Everyone’s definitely lazier during the winter months. But this has kind of been a weird year weatherwise, and it was almost 50 degrees last week. Now it’s 35 and raining!

    Oh, and fun fact, we do occasionally hear wolves and coyotes! I set up a video camera app using my iPad to watch R&R while we were out when we first moved here, as I didn’t want them to act out. I actually caught them howling! A few weeks earlier, Rico was sound asleep on the sofa when he lifted up his head and let out a long, soulful howl, and then went back to sleep. It was pretty spooky!

  11. Congrats on your new blog! It looks great! Also congrats on 50 shares, FYI that is no small feat/accomplishment! PAWsitively amazing!

    I love Alaska and spent 3 summers there, though it was working on a cruise ship for Carnival Cruise Lines. I would love to hear about your Alaskan adventures with your pups and followed you on FB and Pinterest.

    1. omshantipups says:

      That’s so awesome! We got married on the Carnival Dream 5.5 years ago and it was amazing. <3

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