3 Reasons Why Dogs Are Our Best Friends

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Dogs are one of the most common pets to own and are often enjoyed by their pet owners for their loyalty and commitment. They’re known to stick by the side of their owner and always want to offer both love and affection on a daily basis.

Here are a few main reasons why dogs are man’s best friend and what makes them loved by people.

They’re Everywhere!

Dogs are easy to find due to how much pet owners love and appreciate them. There were nearly 90 million dogs living in US homes in 2017. That’s 1 in every 3.6 homes! Many households even own multiple dogs.

It’s common to see dogs out on a walk in the neighborhood or spending time at the park with their owner in community settings.

The companionship that the pooches offer makes them valued by most people and allow them to enhance the quality of life of their owners. Plus, some of the best friendships can be made when meeting other dog families!

Dogs Protect Us

Dogs are natural protectors and there are so many stories of dogs putting their lives on the line to protect you if you’re in danger or your safety is threatened. Dogs have natural pack instincts, which allow them to detect danger and act immediately if there is a threat nearby.

Many people choose to own dogs because it offers a higher level of safety and increases the security provided on the property. Although the level of protection varies depending on their breed and size, they’re all known to be courageous and watchful.

Of course, if you have reactive dogs like ours, then they must protect us from ALL THE THINGS – falling leaves, thunder, the scary cat from down the road…


They Forgive Easily

Whether you’ve had a bad day or get upset with your dog for chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, they forgive easily.

They’re quick to forget if they’ve been accidentally mistreated and aren’t the type of animal to hold a grudge, which makes them enjoyable to be around and strengthens the bond that you share with one another. I know I feel HORRIBLE if I accidentally step on Roxy or Rico’s tail, but they easily forgive me.

You’ll continue to be their best bud despite what you’re going through in life or the number of mistakes that you make as their owner.

It’s not hard to explain why dogs are man’s best friend and why they continue to be brought into the homes of pet owners.

As well-rounded animals, they prove to offer a lot to their caregiver and create a more comfortable and loving space in the home with their presence.

If you need a companion that holds no judgments, then you should consider getting a dog.

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