Roxy’s Story

Roxy is our first Puerto Rican sato (street dog) and the first puppy I’ve ever had! She was abandoned in a box with 5 other puppies. They were left in our Coast Guard housing complex in Puerto Rico in February 2014, and all 6 found homes that day and were called “the Coastie Pups”. Dan and I had been talking about getting a puppy to help keep then-11.5 year old Ginger active, and when this litter popped up we knew it was meant to be. I ran over before Dan even got home from work. All the puppies were SO CUTE (I mean, what puppies aren’t??) but I was instantly drawn to one tiny girl who insisted on pressing up against me for snuggles. She had the cutest eyelashes and an adorable white tipped tail. I named her Roxy as I wanted something cute and beachy.

I brought Roxy home, but Ginger couldn’t care less. She didn’t mind having a puppy around, but she didn’t want to be bothered, so they mostly kept their distance from each other, with the VERY occasional snuggle time.

At Roxy’s first vet visit, the veterinarian thought she was part chihuahua since she was less than 4 pounds, and told us she’d be around 15lb max. Oh, was that way off base! Now 3 years old and 50 pounds, she only THINKS she’s a chihuahua. She’s the sweetest cuddler I’ve ever seen and loves to curl up on my lap. When winter in Alaska is here, she insists on being wrapped up in blankets for bedtime.