Our Alaskan Summer Bucket List

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It’s almost time for summer, which brings nice, long sunny days! Summer is pretty short-lived in Alaska, since our first snowfall could be as early as late September. That means we have to get a jump on summer activities and make the most of the long days while we can. Here’s our summer bucket list!

Helpful Things for Summer

Go For a Hike

Hiking is an awesome way to shake off boredom and explore new places. A dog backpack gives your pup a job to do and boosts their engagement while trekking through the wilderness…or a nice smooth boardwalk! Check out our list of top dog backpacks!

Drive to See Denali

Denali is the tallest mountain in North America, and is absolutely awe-inspiring. We love making the trip and seeing wildlife in the area. It’s a 4-plus hour drive just to get to the national park, so we pack plenty of snacks and water and head out!

Rico’s anxiety tends to get worse when heading out on car rides, but we’re working with him on getting used to it. We put his Thundershirt on him, and CBD oil helps take the edge off and keep him from panicking. He did great on our last trip, which ended up being over 14 hours long!

Treat Roxy to a New Ball

Backyard time means lots of backyard fun for the pups. Roxy’s favorite activity is carrying a ball around the yard and having everyone chase her. Her favorite is the Kong Jumbler, and they have a fun football shaped one, so we’ll surprise her with it to enjoy the warm weather. Here’s some of the best backyard games and activities for you and your dog!

Get a New Puzzle for Ri

We’ve got a pretty good collection of dog puzzles around the house, but Rico can always use a new one, so we’ll surprise him with a new brain teaser! They are a terrific way to provide mental stimulation and help tire out their brains. Check out our favorite puzzles!

Read a New Book

I’ve got a fun vacay coming up with my cousin, Brianna of! We’re heading to Hawaii next week for a girl’s trip! I’m totally going to miss the babies (and Dan, of course!) so to get me through, I stocked up on fun beach reads like Good Dog and Comet’s Tale.

Grill in the Backyard

This is everyone’s favorite activity! We love using our cowboy grill for cooking out and for roasting marshmallows. There’s nothing better than a nice fire in the grill! It also helps keep mosquitos at bay, which are often referred to as Alaska’s state bird since they are SO BIG! 

Go for Long Warm-Weather Walks

We still get out during the winter, but it’s so much nicer to go for a walk when it’s 60 degrees out, instead of -10 degrees. We’re going to take every opportunity to get out and get warm fresh air while we can! Taking a long walk around the neighborhood lets us meet new furends in the area!

Hike a Glacier

This one is just for us humans, since glaciers are slippery and has many areas a pup can get caught in, even on leash. We’re going to visit Matanuska Glacier and go exploring! It’s one of the few road-accessible glaciers in Alaska that can actually be walked on, and it’s breathtaking. I mean, just LOOK at the pic from when we visited the glacier shortly after moving to Alaska!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Share with us below!

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