top tech for active dog families

Top Tech For Active Dog Families

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Staying active is vital to our health and wellness, but it can be tough to stay motivated sometimes. Since we’re making April Active Dog Month, I’m sharing some of the best tech tools to keep you moving!


I’ve been using a Fitbit since the Charge HR was released in 2015 and I was hooked! It’s a fantastic way to see how active you are and make improvements. Plus, the friends feature makes it easy to engage in fun,  friendly competitions with your pals.

The constant heart rate monitoring is awesome for tracking workouts and noticing spikes that are potentially due to stress. It’s also very motivating to start seeing your resting heart rate decrease as your fitness levels improve. 

Fitbit recently announced their newest watch, the Versa, which looks fantastic! It’s coming out this month, so I preordered one shortly after it was announced. The expected 4-day battery life is quite an improvement over many other smart watches! 

Out of all the features I’m excited about trying out, the Guided Breathing Sessions are at the top of the list!

Self-care is one of the most vital health and wellness aspects, so I can’t wait to add some guided relaxation time to my day. 

It stores over 300 songs, which will be perfect for lengthy hikes with Roxy & Rico. Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones make it nice and easy to listen to music while hanging on to their leashes, which is always super important, but even more so during spring, when bear and moose babies abound in our area!


If you like Fitbit, you’re gonna love Fitbark! It’s essentially a Fitbit for dogs, and has the cutest little bone shape that uses sturdy zip ties to hook onto your pup’s collar. The twelve available color case options add even more personality!

It connects to the phone app (available for both Android and iOS) and the app can pair with your Fitbit so you can compare your progress side-by-side.

It can alert you to anxiety and skin issues by monitoring their movements, sleep habits, and changes in behavior. 

This is a great option for reactive dogs, so you can best learn their triggers. Rico’s our anxious boy, and sometimes wakes up nervous in the middle of the night, so it would be nice to see data to spot any patterns.

Fitbark is great because there are no monthly or hidden fees, and it has a six month battery life! It fits pups of any size, and still works in water, which is great for those dogs that love to swim.

Online Yoga

I am a huge fan of yoga and all the benefits. It’s wonderful stress reliever and helps boost flexibility, which can prevent injuries.

If you’re just getting started, a gentle restorative yoga class may be just what you need. It focuses on building into poses as you relax, and is wonderful for everyone, even those with limited flexibility.

It’s been said “if you can breathe, you can do yoga” and it’s 100% true! There are so many styles and types of classes, you’re sure to find a perfect fit. My personal favorite is Yin Yoga, which is a deeper, slower form where you focus on breath and releasing into the poses.

The Yoga Collective has a wonderful selection of online classes to choose from in all different styles. Whether you’re looking for an active movement class or a slow stretch to unwind after a long day, they’ve got it covered.

The Yoga Collective offers a 15-day free trial to see how well it works for you! Who knows, maybe your pup will join you in some doga (dog yoga!)


It’s perfect when you and your dog exercise together, however, some dogs need extra physical activity to be calm and happy. That’s where the iFetch comes in! You set the launch distance from 10-40 feet, depending on the model you select, then work with them so they learn to play with it safely.

You work with your dog by teaching them to stand behind the iFetch when dropping the ball in, then once they grab it, encourage them to bring it back. It’ll give them hours of fun and a nice change in activity.

Weather Puppy

Before heading outside to get moving, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the weather. What better way than to use the Weather Puppy app? It has adorable photos of puppies that will make you smile while planning the day’s activities.

Even better, Weather Puppy is free, and partners with non-profits and shelters across the country. The available in-app purchase allows you to upload pics of your own pupper, or you can use the standard photos for the cutest weather app around.

Do you use technology to increase your family’s activity levels? Share your favorite below!

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