Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe From Danger

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You love your dog, so it stands to reason that you would do anything in your power to protect them from harm. In this article, we will look at some of the dangers that could befall your dog, and give you some helpful tips on how to avoid them.

#1: The Danger of Street Traffic

If your dog sees anything of interest out of the home, from a neighbor dog they MUST say hi to, or a child’s bouncing ball they want to play with, they could be in danger of escaping your yard and heading straight into the path of any passing traffic.

Tip: While you could keep your dog on a tether for potty sessions, it’s not ideal as they need exercise and outside time to freely explore. Instead, ensure there are no exit points by taking steps to beef up your fencing.

It’s also a great habit to walk the fenceline periodically to inspect for holes under the fence.  You should also inspect the gate to make sure it’s secure.

#2: The Danger of Fleas

Fleas are one thing every pet owner dreads ever seeing on their pet. These unwelcome pests give you more than a few nasty bites, and your dog suffers as well.

Not only will they have to deal with the persistent itching, but they may become prone to serious side effects, such as tapeworm, infections, and a range of diseases.

Tip: As a preventative measure, see your vet and ensure you stay up to date with flea treatments. If an infestation does occur, you should purchase the necessary treatments from your vet, rather than relying on potentially ineffective items from the supermarket.

You might also consider the advantages of diatomaceous earth, a natural way to deal with these pesky parasites.

#3: The Danger of Getting Lost

Should your dog escape the your home or yard, or if they wander off while away on vacation, there is the danger of them getting lost, especially when wandering into unfamiliar areas. This will be stressful for all of you, so it’s imperative you take preventative measures in the event that this does happen. For more lost pet tips, click here!

Tip: There are some simple things you can do. For starters, ensure your phone number is engraved on your dog’s collar so you can be reached by the person who finds your lost pet.

We highly recommend Boomerang Tags (seen in the photo above), as they securely hook onto many dog collars without being noisy. You can get them here on Amazon!

The other thing you can do is get your dog microchipped, a simple procedure where a microchip is fitted beneath your dog’s skin. The expense is well worth it should it result in your lost dog being returned to you. See your vet for more details!

#4: The Danger of a Bad Diet

Dogs love to eat, whether it’s their own food, or the delicious scraps that are left behind on your plate. But some foods are bad for dogs, so you should be wary of giving in to their begging if they are eyeing your leftovers.

While some human foods are perfectly safe for dogs (such as pumpkin, which actually has a ton of benefits!), other foods such as grapes, garlic, and onion can be harmful. If they do eat something harmful, it can cause liver problems, heart disease, and even death.

Tip: Don’t let your dog near your plates to sneak food. At mealtimes, put your dog in their designated area where they can eat their meals. That helps minimize the risk of them scavenging for yours.

Take care of your dog by following our advice. And if you have any extra tips regarding the dangers we mentioned (or any other doggy danger), be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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