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I’m Natasha, creator of Om Shanti Pups. I’m a lover of yoga, travel, and essential oils. I started researching holistic therapy for dogs when we rescued our boy, Rico, off the streets of Puerto Rico. He had so many struggles and I was looking for options to help him. After having some success with him, I started to look for ways to improve our daily lives naturally! 

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Roxy is our first Puerto Rican sato (street dog) and the first puppy I’ve ever had! She was abandoned in a box with 5 other puppies. They were left in our Coast Guard housing complex in Puerto Rico in February 2014, and all 6 found homes that day and were called “the Coastie Pups”.  Read more here!


Rico became our second Puerto Rican sato shortly after Roxy was settled. We swore we were never getting another puppy as older dogs are so much easier and need love too. Well, as soon as Roxy calmed down from the crazy puppy stage, she was visibly bored at home as Ginger refused to play with her, and daily dog park trips were just not enough for Roxy. Around this same time, Dan’s boss mentioned his family had rescued a litter off the streets and was looking for foster homes. Dan asked if I wanted to foster, but I knew Roxy would thrive with a friend. I told Dan…and I quote… “if you mean foster for 198473 days, then YES!!” Read what happened next here!

ABOUT Ginger

Ginger was Dan’s baby girl since she was 3 days old and rejected by her mom. I came into the picture when I started dating Dan when she was 7.5 years old. She was NOT happy I was around, and made sure I knew it, but she quickly grew to love me as much as I instantly loved her.

Ginge was the best, easiest dog ever. She was always been super chill and content to sleep and eat all day long. Can’t blame her! After 15 awesome years, we lost her in June 2017 and miss her every day. Read more of her story here.