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Snow Day Activities to Prevent Bored Dogs

Winter is definitely here, and for us humans, there’s no better activity during blizzards than curling up in front of the fire with steaming hot chocolate...or hot buttered rum for grown-ups! 😉 It can be challenging to keep the furry members of the family...

Ways to Get Your Dog Through an Earthquake Safely

You may have heard that Alaska had a major 7.0 earthquake! It was centered pretty much right where we live. This wasn’t our first earthquake, but it was definitely our biggest, scariest one! The shaking from the initial quake lasted over 30 seconds, which seems like...

Natural Ways To Make Your Senior Dog Happier

Senior dogs are extremely sweet and loving, but they need a little more care and attention than their younger counterparts. The age a dog becomes considered as a senior can vary depending on size and breed. In some cases, it can be a simple case of keeping an eye on...


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Roxy & Rico are our Puerto Rican satos (slang for street dogs). We rescued them off the streets of PR while we were living there. Read to learn about more about Roxy & Rico and their rescue!

Ten Natural Supplements for Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, and we would give anything to help our pups through it. These herbs, supplements, and oils have beneficial elements to support your pet through this tough journey.