Can Dogs Eat American cheese?

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Also known as “processed cheese” or “cheese food” by some, American cheese is made from Colby, Cheddar, and other similar types of cheese. The American cheese comes with a salty and creamy flavor, its consistency is not too firm, its mild, and it has a very low melting point.

The yellow American cheese is seasoned and colored with annatto while you’d also find American cheese in white. But can dogs eat American cheese? Are Kraft, white, and yellow American cheese safe for dog consumption? These and some others are questions we’d be discussing in this article.

Can dogs eat American cheese?

Dogs can eat American cheese, but it should be given to them in very minimal quantities. This cheese product contains additives like whey, emulsifiers, fats, and preservatives that while consumed by dogs in very minimal quantities shouldn’t cause any damage. These additives are unhealthy for even humans when consumed in excess, and the same can be said of dogs.

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Can dogs eat American cheese slices?

Dogs should only be given American cheese slices in very minimal quantities. American cheese slices have a high concentration of milk fat, whey, salt, and many other ingredients that are not safe when consumed in excess or when consumed regularly. On the other hand, it contains some vital nutrients like calcium phosphate and Vitamin D3 that can actually be beneficial to the health of both humans and dogs.

So give them to your dogs as treats, and in as little quantity as possible depending on the size of the dog, and you should be fine. In cases when dogs eat them in excess, there doesn’t seem to be any risks of a fatality, with the main issues being troubled stomachs and problems with digestion.

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Can dogs eat Kraft American cheese?

It’s not recommended that you feed dogs with Kraft American cheese. While you will get away with giving your dog a bite on occasions, you should try as much as possible to not make Kraft American cheese as a regular in your dog’s diet. The rule of thumb when it comes to this and many other processed foods is that they are not the healthiest for both animals and humans, and consumption should be very minimal.

When your pet consumes much Kraft American cheese once, there doesn’t seem to be any danger of fatality or toxicity, the danger is often when your dog consumes it on a regular, something you shouldn’t allow.

Can dogs eat white American cheese?

Dogs can eat white American cheese safely, and they’re bound to enjoy the many nutrients it has to offer. The caution here is that it should be fed to dogs in moderation; not too much at a time, and not too often. Dogs sometimes have problems with digesting American cheese, while some are actually allergic to some ingredients in it, so you want to ensure that your dog can safely consume white American cheese and is only allowed to eat as little as possible.

Can dogs eat yellow American cheese?

Yellow American cheese is safe for dog consumption. Like white American cheese, you shouldn’t make this type of cheese a regular in your pet’s diet. While some dogs enjoy yellow American cheese, some are actually allergic to it, which means you’d need to be sure of your dog’s health history before feeding him with cheese. You’d also want to make the consumption as little and irregular as possible since large quantities of cheese can be hard to digest for dogs.

What happens when a dog eats cheese?

A dog that eats cheese should be just fine, unless, in rare cases, the dog is allergic or consumes too much cheese. In any of these two cases, your dog could get diarrhea, stomach upset, and other digestion related issues. A general rule is to contact your vet if you notice your dog reacting strangely.

There isn’t any study that proves that there could be a fatality when your dog eats too much cheese, so you should be just fine. Another factor is the size of the dog. Larger dogs can get away with consuming larger quantities while small to medium-sized dogs can’t, so if your dog isn’t down with any kind of sickness, just imagine its handling it well.

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