The Dog Parent’s Guide to Happy, Healthy Dogs

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As a pet owner, you take on a bit more responsibility than the average person.  Your pup is an integral member of the household, and you have to ensure that he or she is looked after properly.

There are so many great reasons to own a dog! They’re wonderful companions, and often hilarious entertainment. Especially with a goofball like Roxy!  But there is certainly extra work involved as well. Check out these awesome tips to keep your pet happy and healthy!

Exercise is Vital For Healthy Dogs

As a pet owner, it is important to make sure you keep your pet active as much as possible. Exercise has so many benefits for both you and your dog. Imagine how wired you’d be if you didn’t get to go out. This is how your pup is going to feel if they don’t get to go out for walkies!

I definitely see a difference with Rico when we get less activity. He’s more anxious at night and wakes me up earlier, and physical and mental stimulation both help tire him out.

Be sure to pencil in time for exercise with your pup every single day. Whether it’s choosing fun backyard games to play with your dog or taking them for a walk in the local park, it’s important to ensure they are getting the right level of exercise.

Feed Your Dog Nutritious, Quality Food

Another responsibility as a dog parent is to ensure that you are feeding your dog the right kind of food. Nutrition is extremely important, so you have to think about which one is the ideal dog food for your pet.

It may be a good idea to give your animal a combination of wet and dry dog food, as this is going to give them the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy, as well as rewarding them with a treat now and again too! It also helps with picky eaters like Rico. You can also try making your own dog food, as it’s surprisingly fast and easy!

Nutritious food is as important for our dogs as it is for humans, so make sure you are assessing what the best option for your pupper is!

Schedule Regular Vet Check-ups For Optimal Health

To make sure your dog stays in good health, regular wellness checks at your vet are a perfect way to ensure you get any problems seen to as quickly as possible.

Caring for your family pet is so important because you want them to be a part of the family for as long as possible. A happy, healthy pet is going to bring so much joy to the home, and this guide will help you keep them happy and healthy!

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