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We’re HUGE fans of blankets in this house. I mean, we’d pretty much have to be, living in Alaska! In a list of our to must-have dog supplies, a good, cozy blanket is right near the top! Not a day goes by that we aren’t snuggled up in one blanket or another. Here’s a list of the best blankets for your dog to cuddle with!

Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Premium Flannel Fleece Dog Throw

This dog throw is made of a super soft and snuggly fleece material, which makes it great for cuddling. It’s a bit on the thin side, so it’s great for days when there’s only just a bit of a chill in the air. It’s also perfect for dogs that get overheated easily!

Laura Ashley Reversible Micro Fur Pet Dog Bed Blanket Throw

This micro fur blanket is a nice, lightweight throw with a super cute accent paw print! It looks great on the sofa, or can be a nice floor blanket. The soft, plush micro fur warms up to your pet and keeps them comfortable.

PetAmi Deluxe Dog Blanket

The Deluxe Dog Blanket is a high-quality sherpa lining and microfiber fleece that is reversible. The different textures on each side give it a nice, luxurious look. This pet throw blanket features soft, plush fabric that will keep you warm and cozy while your pet sleeps comfortably on your sofa or bed.

PetFusion Premium Plus Quilted Dog and Cat Blanket

PetFusion makes a great blanket that protects your sofa from scratching, clawing, chewing, & unwanted pet hair. It’s nice and quilted, which keeps the inside filling from shifting. The light gray color matches well with most decor. Plus, it’s soft and warm so your dog will love it!

The Snuggie

Okay, so maaaaybe the Snuggie isn’t exactly made for dogs, and maybe it’s been the subject of many jokes. But I can’t deny it’s worth!

It’s the coziest blanket I’ve had, and Roxy’s personal favorite. In fact, my mom had to surprise me with a replacement one after Roxy totally hijacked mine for herself!

The length of this can cover an entire sofa, or can be wrapped around a chilly dog. Or, if your pup is as skilled as Roxy, they can pull it off the sofa and push their head through the sleeve and walk around like that!


Does your dog like to cuddle under a blanket? What kind is their favorite? Share below!

Roxy & Rico

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