Exciting Dog Toys & Treats To Thrill Every Dog!

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Admit it. You like to spoil your dog. And maybe you even go overboard a bit. Nobody’s going to judge you for that! Dog owners love to pamper their pooches, us included!

We’ve compiled eleven great gift ideas you can get your beloved friend for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas – or even “just because!”

A New Bone

A new bone is like you getting to go out to a five star restaurant for a top of the line steak. Dogs love them. But make sure you get some safe, something made in the USA, and something meaty so your canine friend will appreciate it. The Smokehouse 100% natural meaty bone would be a perfect treat.

Squeaky Toy 

While some pet owners can’t stand the noise, squeaky toys are a hit with dogs! How about getting yours one for when you’ll be gone for the day?

The squeaky toy makes them think they’re in a hunt, and no other animal gets hurt in the process!

The Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs is a great example. It has several little squirrels hiding in a log, and dogs go crazy for this toy!

Outdoor Kiddie Pool for Dogs 

If you live in a state that gets hot during the summer, then your canine buddy might appreciate the same thing your kids would – a pool!

This Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool is made just for dogs and lets them get in, get wet, have fun and cool off.

If you live in an area with hurricanes or extreme blizzards, a kiddie pool filled with grass or pee pads makes an easy way to help your dog potty inside when necessary without making a mess!

Blanket or Bed

We all like to receive comfort gifts, and dogs are no different. Your dog will love the PetAmi Dog Blanket, which is so soft and luxurious, it will make nap time ten times better! For more cozy blanket ideas, see our list of Roxy’s favorite blankets!

Fetch Ball

Balls for fetch aren’t like they used to be. Now, they have things like balls that whistle and bounce erratically. You can find these with the Chuckit! Fetch Medley Balls, and they even have a launcher to make it easy for throwing.

Tug of War Rope

Dogs love to tug on ropes, and you can get all sorts of cool, knotted ropes for your dog that are perfect for his or her size. The Dog Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers is a great fit for really large breeds, and also comes in smaller sizes for tinier pups.

Flying Disc

Little and big dogs both love to catch things. A flying disc is perfect for this, and you want something more fitted for a dog than a Frisbee. Try something like the Ruffwear Hover Craft for dogs. It’s foam, so it’s gentler on your dog’s mouth, but just as fun!

Laser Toy

The laser toys made for animals don’t rate very well with humans. But used responsibly, meaning not aimed in your dog’s eyes, you can buy something like the Light Toy and let your pet have a blast chasing the red laser all around the floor.

Roxy & Rico love chasing their laser pointer in the yard, especially after a fresh snowfall!

Kong Stuffing Ideas

Treat Toy

Treat toys have become popular with pet owners who know their dog loves a challenge. To get to the treat, they have to manipulate the toy. And no company makes better treat toys than KONG.

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is a bestseller, and all you have to do is put a treat inside, toss it to your pet and let them seek the treat. It comes in many sizes for dogs from extra small to extra, extra large.

Here’s a whole bunch of yummy items to fill your dog’s KONG!

 Crinkle Toys

This is similar to the squeaky toy for pet owners, but if you want your dog to enjoy toys that make noise, then they’ll love the crinkle toys that sound like paper being crinkled up. The Ethical Pets Skinneeez Crinklers Cow Dog Toy is a bestseller, and it doesn’t have stuffing inside, so your pet can have a blast tearing it up!

Dog Puzzles

Puzzle toys for bored dogs are a great way to keep them entertained while working their brain, which tires them out mentally and physically. They are all intended to be used under supervision, which helps build your bond.

The SPOT Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone is a great beginner dog puzzle to get your dog started on puzzle-solving activities!

We’ve got a list of the best dog puzzles for all levels of skill right here!

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