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April is Active Dog Month, so this post is all about fun games to play with your dog! Read on for great ways to make the most of the outdoor time with entertaining games for you and your pup.

Keep yourself from wondering if your dog is bored with these fun things to do with your dog!

Play Chase With Your Dog

Chase is always a fun, simple game while hanging your backyard! It’s so easy to just run around and chase each other. Roxy usually starts the game by grabbing her favorite Kong Jumbler ball, then I’ll run after her and she’ll try her best to keep away.

Rico joins in by going the opposite direction from me and we try to catch her. They have a blast!

Set Up An Agility Course

Agility courses have a bit of a learning curve, but it can provide endless fun for your dog! Start small with easy to master course, perfect for building up your dog’s skills and confidence.

As they learn, you can add on new aspects to your home course. A great book on teaching your dog agility is “The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility” by Laurie Leach.

There are even ways to keep your course budget-friendly by DIY-ing it! Use hula hoops for leaping through, PVC sticks for weaving, and boxes for crawling through.

Handy with construction tools? Consider building your own! This book has all the details you need.

Looking for something a little more professional looking? There are a TON of options on Amazon! Outward Hound makes a great, affordable set with a hoop, weaves, and a tunnel!

Pool Time

A perfect way to chill outside is to jump in the pool! Not lucky enough to have a giant swimming pool? Give a kiddie pool a shot! Splash around and have fun. Thare are even some made a little more durable for pups here.

For an extra good time, throw some pool toys inside, or set up a sprinkler for your dog to leap through and cool off.

Nighttime Laser Pointer Chase

We only have a bit of time left for this activity, with our 19 hour Alaskan days coming soon, but it’s definitely at the top of R&R’s list! It’s such a simple game, and all you need is a small laser pointer.

Keep it aimed toward the ground and watch your pup zoom around trying to catch it. Roxy dashes over anytime she hears the clink of her laser pointer and gets SO excited!

Treat Your Dog To Frozen Snack Time

Everyone loves a nice, cool treat on a warm day, including your pupper! Prepare some snacks to keep in the freezer for them so you’re always prepared.

Make an ice pop with chicken broth and drop in some small chicken chunks, bits of carrot or peas, or any other food your dog likes. Freeze it into cute little molds ( I love this one on Amazon!) and pop into your dog’s bowl for a chilly snack.

Frozen Kongs are another great way to keep your dog busy with a yummy treat. Fill the Kong with peanut butter, yogurt, a bit of vanilla ice cream, or other yummy bits of food.

Freeze for an hour or two, then serve to your dog. The chill will stretch out the time it takes to get everything out, so they’ll get to work a little harder and have more fun.

Set up a Puzzle Area

Puzzles are a great way to work your dog’s brain while providing beneficial mental stimulation, so why not bring them outside to enjoy the fresh air while figuring out their puzzles?

Fill up their favorite puzzle with treats and set it in an area with limited distractions and watch them work it out! See some of our favorite puzzles here.

What’s your family’s favorite backyard activity? Share below!

Roxy & Rico

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