16 Fun Dog Holidays to Celebrate With Your Dog!

Dog holidays are a great way to celebrate your dog and show them how much you love them. Every day is an opportunity to show our dogs how much we love them, but there are some days that are more special than others. Read on for a list of some of the most fun and … Read more

Pet Bloggers Journey 2022

Natasha and Rico

2022. It seemed like it would never get here, yet the last few months flew by! At the start of the year, we’d just left Alaska to be somewhat closer to family with a short flight between us, instead of 3500 miles and a 12 hour travel time. Now that we got a bit settled … Read more

Have a Difficult-To-Train Dog? Read THIS ASAP!


Training a dog is certainly the hardest part of owning a dog. It can be very frustrating having a dog that is not housebroken, or barks excessively, or keeps pulling on the leash during your walks, or doesn’t respond whenever it’s called, or jumps up on people, etc. You’ll be fed up, because it’s pretty … Read more

The Best Dog Blankets For Snuggly, Cozy Dogs

Roxy with Dog Blanket Snuggie

We’re HUGE fans of blankets in this house. I mean, we’d pretty much have to be, first living in Alaska and now Colorado! In a list of our must-have dog supplies, a warm, cozy dog blanket is right near the top.  Not a day goes by that we aren’t snuggled up in one blanket or … Read more

5 Quick Tips for Walking Your Dog When It is Hot

hot walk

If you have a dog, you know all about how to take it for a walk. However, in the summer, there are some things you may want to take into careful consideration in regards to your dog’s daily walks. You will want to ensure the walk is as safe and as healthy as possible. The … Read more

A Guide to Plan A Stress-Free Dog-Friendly Road Trip

road trip for dogs

Planning a fun, enjoyable road trip for you and your dog is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, research, and planning. To make it easier for you, we have put together this all-encompassing guide on how to plan the perfect dog friendly road trip. This guide will cover everything from picking … Read more

Wonderful Christmas Gifts Your Dog Will LOVE!

best christmas presents for dogs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that doesn’t just go for us humans. Whether they’re naughty or nice, make the holidays super special for your dog when you treat them to something fun off this Christmas presents for dogs list! Read on for the best Christmas gifts for dogs! A Cute Christmas … Read more

Ten SUPER FUN Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday!

dog birthday party

Birthdays are deserving of special treatment, but coming up with new, exciting ideas can be challenging. We want to make it super fun for our dogs, but don’t want to break the bank. Read on for ten fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday! Top Birthday Basics Birthday Party Decorations Happy Birthday Dog Bandana Birthday … Read more

An Easy, Fast, YUMMY Pup Cake Recipe

dog pupcakes

We’re big on celebrations in our house, and that includes the furriest members of our family! Roxy’s rescueversary falls in February, and Rico’s is in May. I can’t believe it’s been SEVEN years since a tiny, bobblehead puppy came into our lives and started us on our journey with dog rescue. She’s so full of … Read more

10 Best Dog Puzzles Your Dog Will Adore!

Active Dog puzzle

You often hear that tired dogs are happy dogs. That doesn’t only refer to physical activity like going for a walk, though. One important yet often overlooked aspect of having dogs is helping them keep up their cognitive activity with stimulating dog toys. Puzzle toys for bored dogs are a great way to keep them … Read more