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We recently had a pretty large earthquake here in Alaska in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was pretty far south of us, and Roxy and Dan managed to sleep through it (OF COURSE!) while Rico grumbled a bit.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my phone so I could check local Facebook pages to make sure I wasn’t imagining it! Luckily, we weren’t too affected other than some glasses in the kitchen clinking around.

Parts of southern Alaska were under a tsunami warning through the next morning and had to evacuate to the mountains until the threat passed. It got me thinking of how prepared we should be for natural disasters and other emergencies where we need to leave the house QUICK. Check these tips to keep your family safe.

Have a Puppy-Go Bag

The main thing is to have a way to keep your pups safe in uncertain circumstances. I mentioned the importance of keeping an up-to-date collar on your dog at all times in “Lost Dog? 4 Things You Need to Do”, and I want to emphasize that again.

Boomerang Tags are AWESOME and quiet, which we all love. I keep their favorite leashes in a cabinet in a closet by the front door, but I also keep a spare set inside my car.

To make things easier to grab in a hurry, I have a bag on top of the cabinet with treats, poop bags, a ziploc bag of food, and some Beneful Prepared Meals that Roxy & Rico really like. Spoiling them with a favorite treat helps ease their anxiety; just don’t give too much so they don’t get an upset tummy!

Print Vaccine Records

If you’re having to evacuate fast, you definitely don’t want to be rifling through papers looking for their vaccine records, or get turned away from hotels or shelters because you don’t have proof.

Keeping a paper copy in their go-bag means one less stress. I also take a photo with my phone and email it to myself with an easily searchable title like “Pet Vaccination Records” so it’s easily accessible. That way, I just grab the bag and have everything I need in one spot!

Have an Emergency Plan

Creating an emergency plan can depend on the situation, but it’s good to have a general idea of what to do and where to go. I recommend reviewing potential routes and scenarios to come up with a plan in case communication methods are down. For example, we decided that if an evacuation is necessary while Dan is at work, I’d head north with the pups and we set a meeting spot.

Most emergency situations don’t leave much time to gather items, so try to have as much ready to go as possible at all times.  us below!

What’s your top emergency preparation tip? Share with us below!