Wonderful Christmas Gifts Your Dog Will LOVE!

best christmas presents for dogs

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that doesn’t just go for us humans. Whether they’re naughty or nice, make the holidays super special for your dog when you treat them to something fun off this Christmas presents for dogs list!

Read on for the best Christmas gifts for dogs!

A Cute Christmas Stocking

As a kid, one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning was going through my stocking! My parents would stick all kinds of yummy treats inside, and now I do the same for my pack.

We got our stockings from a local store, but you can find all kinds of cute Christmas stockings for dogs here!

Tasty Dog Treats

Fill up your dog’s stocking with their favorite snacks for a special treat! Roxy & Rico lose their minds over these dried fish skins. They smell absolutely disgusting, but make them so happy I can’t help but spoil them with those treats. 

Plus, they’re packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and help keep their teeth clean! This is at the top of our best Christmas presents for dogs. So much that I even had to spoil my fur niece Emily with them last year, and she loved them too!

Kong Jumbler

The Kong Jumbler is Roxy’s absolute number one favorite in the world toy. It makes a fun gift for any dog that loves chase, ball, or pretty much any other activity.

The Jumbler has a ball inside that rolls around and makes noise while they play.

Roxy’s longtime favorite is Purple Ball, however, we recently got her Red Football (we’re real creative with names around here). Red has quickly surpassed Purple as the best toy in the world. You can’t go wrong with either one, though.

There’s even a new style she doesn’t have yet, so that’s going to be her Christmas present this year (shh…don’t tell her that though!)

Fun Dog Puzzles

Dog puzzles are perfect dog gift ideas! They’re wonderful for entertaining your dog while helping work their brain.

Physical activity is great, but mental activity is important too!

If your dog isn’t used to doing puzzles, start with a Level 1 puzzle so they get used to figuring things out. 

We’ve got a list of the best dog puzzles for all levels of skill right here!

Kong with Stuffing

A Kong is a fun way for dogs to get some yummy snacks, and they take time to fully enjoy.

To maximize that time, try filling it and then freezing it! That’s especially helpful at keeping your dog cool once warm summer days return. See our list of 46+ Yummy & Healthy Snacks To Fill Your Dog’s Kong!

ZippyPaws Holiday Chimney

When Roxy and Rico were baby dogs, ZippyPaws were their FAVORITE stuffed toys. You can stash the reindeer inside the chimney. Your dog can rummage around to pull them out of the hidey holes.

Each toy has a squeaker to provide lots of fun. Rico’s a destroyer of toys now, and this one isn’t recommended for heavy chewers.

Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Collection

I don’t know about you, but I’m a coffee = life kinda girl. I’m sure my Roxy would agree that Starbucks is her favorite, because she does adore those post-vet Puppuchinos.

Since caffeine is a no-go for even the most basic pups, this Puppermint Mocha will perk them up with all kinds of fun!

Warm Winter Sweater 

The most important thing for optimal health is to stay happy and active. It can be difficult to get enough quality physical activity during the winter if you live in a cold climate, though.

Bundling up with a warm jacket or winter sweater allows you to spend quality time outside without freezing, because tired dogs are happy dogs!

Rico Dog Jacket

We recently got this Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket so the babies can be more comfortable on hikes now that winter is coming. It fits great and provides a nice layer of warmth. My absolute favorite part is the zipper that lets a harness clip be easily accessed!

We’re avid harness users in this house, and keep our dogs leashed when on trails. This jacket lets us keep their harnesses on, strap on the jacket before hitting the trail, and then easily take the jacket off before loading back up in the car!

Paw Balm

While you’re out playing or heading for a walk, keep those paws well-moisturized and put a barrier to keep them from cracking with an application of paw balm.

It works great on their noses to keep them from getting dry and cracked too!

A Cozy Blanket

After playing in the yard or coming back from a brisk walk, warm up you dog with a fluffy blanket. Roxy cannot be without her blanket whenever she’s inside.

In fact, this is the look I get when trying to convince her she still needs to go potty even though it’s well below zero outside!

We’ve gathered the best dog blankets according to Roxy, which you can see here!

Dog Chews That Clean Teeth

A dog chew that’s increasing in popularity is antler dog chews! They’re clean and odor-free, and contain tons of important nutrients.

Antlers fall off naturally each year, so these are healthy and cruelty-free.

Keep an eye on heavy chewers though. Anything hard can potentially crack teeth if your dog is an aggressive chewer. For more great ways to clean your dog’s teeth and banish bad dog breath, check out this article!

What Kind of Dog Presents To Avoid

Keep in mind, there are some types of dog Christmas gifts you should steer clear of.

Grocery stores bring out the cute little stocking gift sets, but the contents are often not very good.

The toys inside are usually very cheaply made and are too easy for even a gentle dog to break apart and swallow. 

In addition, the Christmas dog treats they usually contain are made of cheap rawhide.

While all dogs need to chew, rawhide is essentially bleached leather fixed into shape with glue. Sounds pretty gross, right?! Rawhides can be quite dangerous! 

Sticking with healthier chews like the antlers mentioned above make the best dog gifts!

What’s on your dog’s wish list for Christmas? Share with us below and pin this for later!

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  1. So many great ideas! My dog loves his classic Kong but the best gift I gave him was his travel bed, he absolutely loves it! This year I got him a camera that sends notifications when he barks too much and a ball fetcher.

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