Top Tech For Active Dog Families

top tech for active dog families

Staying active is vital to our health and wellness, but it can be tough to stay motivated sometimes. Since we’re making April Active Dog Month, I’m sharing some of the best tech tools to keep you moving! Fitbit I’ve been using a Fitbit since the Charge HR was released in 2015 and I was hooked! It’s a fantastic … Read more

All About Our Alaska Life

Eklutna Lake

One thing everyone seems to want to know is what it’s like to live in Alaska? Is it FREEZING all the time? How much snow is there? Have you seen the Northern Lights? Here’s an answer to all your questions! What Brought Us to Alaska? We moved to Alaska from Puerto Rico in June 2016, … Read more

All About Puerto Rican Sato Street Dog Rescue

So I hear there’s some kind of sports event going on today?? I’m not really a sports fan, but there IS an event I’m into…the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl! I’m even more excited to see some Puerto Rican satos representing again this year. Plus, they had the Dog Bowl with older pups last night! Did … Read more

How to Prepare for Natural Disasters with Dogs

Protect your dog during natural disasters

We had a pretty large earthquake here in Alaska in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was pretty far south of us, and Roxy and Dan managed to sleep through it (OF COURSE!) while Rico grumbled a bit. Meanwhile, I grabbed my phone so I could check local Facebook pages to make sure I … Read more

What Is Hemp Oil, and Can My Dog Have It?

Tons of people hear the phrase hemp seed oil and think of a certain leafy green…but guess what? They’re actually different plants, and hemp seed oil has huge benefits! It’s also quite different from CBD oil, which you can read about here. What’s Hemp Seed Oil? Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant, containing a very tiny … Read more

Pet Blogger Challenge


Hi everyone! I’m Natasha, and it’s SO nice to be a part of the Pet Bloggers 2018 Challenge! Thanks so much to Go Pet Friendly for hosting this awesome opportunity for bloggers to get to know each other! I live in Alaska with my husband Dan and my two Puerto Rican Sato street rescues Roxy … Read more