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Om Shanti Pups is your spot for having the happiest, healthiest dogs! From kicking their puppy years off right, to building a solid foundation for their adult stage, or boosting the quality of life for senior pups, we’ve got it covered!

Best Ways To Save Money On Pet Needs With Amazon Subscribe & Save

When it comes to budgeting for pet essentials, things can add up quick. Regular needs like food, treats, and poop bags all play a part in adding to your pet’s monthly expenses. An awesome way to save money on pet basics is by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save...

Getting It Right In Your Dog’s First Year

The first few months of a dog’s life are very important to their future. The habits, behaviors, and other aspects of their personality form around this time. These traits will be carried with them forever, shaping the way they act as they get into their later years....

Why Preventative Healthcare For Dogs is Important

When you adopt a dog, they become an important member of your family. Because of that, you want to ensure that your pooch is always taken care of as much as possible. Ensuring that preventative healthcare is the best way to have a happy, healthy dog! The question is,...


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Roxy & Rico are our Puerto Rican satos (slang for street dogs). We rescued them off the streets of PR while we were living there. Read to learn about more about Roxy & Rico and their rescue!

Ten Natural Supplements for Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, and we would give anything to help our pups through it. These herbs, supplements, and oils have beneficial elements to support your pet through this tough journey.