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Om Shanti Pups is your spot for having the happiest, healthiest dogs! From kicking their puppy years off right, to building a solid foundation for their adult stage, or boosting the quality of life for senior pups, we’ve got it covered!

The Best Dog Blankets to Cuddle Up With

We’re HUGE fans of blankets in this house. I mean, we’d pretty much have to be, living in Alaska! In a list of our to must-have dog supplies, a good, cozy blanket is right near the top! Not a day goes by that we aren’t snuggled up in one blanket or another. Here’s a...

How Dog Toys Can Help Your Dog Stay Healthy

Any dog parent knows the importance of providing plenty of toys. Like children, our pups need stimulation and a lot of play to ensure they have the best quality of life. Why else would we invest in honking plastic pigs and squeaking hedgehogs? We do it for love!...

Denali Road Lottery Tips & Tricks With Dogs

One thing many people don’t realize about living in Alaska is how absolutely MASSIVE it is! From north to south, Alaska is 1400 miles long. That’s about the distance from Miami to Massachusetts! There’s virtually no way to see it all, but we try to load up the pups...


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Roxy & Rico are our Puerto Rican satos (slang for street dogs). We rescued them off the streets of PR while we were living there. Read to learn about more about Roxy & Rico and their rescue!

Ten Natural Supplements for Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying, and we would give anything to help our pups through it. These herbs, supplements, and oils have beneficial elements to support your pet through this tough journey.